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Pudge | EpicBossFight (Dota 2 Custom Game) Wikia | FANDOM ... One of the best damage dealers, and a really good tanker in a single build. Possibly a Tier 1 Hero late-game (or new game+) with the following build. Caution: Could be difficult to manage if you are the solo tank. A Short (kappa) Guide to Gem TD - Dota 2 Essentials * 2 gems of the same type and level can combine to make a gem of the same type one level up * 4 gems of the same type and level can combine to make a gem of the same type two levels up * Out of your 5 gems you can build only one gem, but if out of your 5 you have a combination for an upgrade you can build that upgrade straight up

Gem Packs are bundles that were given out on November 14, 2013 to replace Strange Modifiers and Unusual Paints.They contain a gem with the corresponding effect, as well as an Artificer's Chisel to create a socket.. Quality Changes []. needs user testing and confirmation -Lemon Gems will change the Quality of an item. In the event of a conflict with an item's existing quality, a priority is ...

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Kinetic Gem. С помощью данного гема можно добавить тому или иному косметическому предмету специальную анимацию.Данный тип гемов выдавался тем игрокам, которые приняли участие в beta тесте игры Dota 2 по всему миру(Bloodstone gem).

Hiya! in this tutorial i will show you how to remove or add gems into items or couriers! this was a request :) If u did not understand or you have some questions!Thought of like making a tutorial on how to insribe a gem,cuz many of you guys have been asking me the same question lately.

Случайный выбор победителя репостов в конкурсах вконтакте или youtube. Рандом по времени, рандом по репостам и моментальный random...

Nov 17, 2013 ... Dota 2 now has a gem and socketing system added to the game that will allow you to tweak and enhance your cosmetics in a number of ways. Can't add Inscribed Gems to newly socketed items : DotA2 - Reddit Just bought a chisel, added 5 sockets to the Underlord Weapon, but they're not active. Cant add any gems to them. All other items that been... Dota 2 - Three Spirits Update Teach a friend to play Dota, or invite your more experienced friend to teach you. Warm up in a ... Personalize it even further by adding sockets and gems. Insert a  ... Socketed Equipment - TV Tropes Green Rocks) to add more qualities to said piece of equipment: a ruby might add Fire damage ... It also meant you lived in fear of socketing a gem and then, on the very next dungeon crawl, ..... Dota 2 uniquely has this only for cosmetic effects.